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HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractor in Calgary!

We're often asked why we are "City of Lakes HVAC", seeing as Calgary, Alberta is so dry. Our hometown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is affectionately called the City of Lakes. With a population of only 90,000 there are 26 beautiful freshwater lakes. Spending the majority of our childhood summers around the lakes is one of the fondest memories of home. We're very proud of our Nova Scotia roots and we're happy to create a little piece of home here in Calgary.

Our vision starts with integrity and promotes growth and customer satisfaction. We strive to be punctual, honest and professional. We're very good at what we do and are proud of it. This is reflected in all the work we do.

We are composed of creative minds and technical knowledge. From educated tradesmen to university graduates we have the perfect core to assist you in your journey to comfort. With our product knowledge and business background we strive to be the best contractor in the business and we want to prove it to you.

HVAC and Air Conditioning Contractor

Our biggest strength is our organization. You WILL NOT be left in the dark. If you have any questions we have a personable team that is going to be there for you at any time. Yes, this includes 24/7 round the clock service. We know just as well as anyone that problems happen when you least expect them.

We install, service and maintenance all makes and models of commercial and residential HVAC equipment. We offer peace of mind with a quality workmanship warranty on all service and installation work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HVAC?
    HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is commonlyused to describean entire heating and cooling system comprising of the duct work, air filters, humidification controls, and registers.
  • How do I know if I have an existing warranty on my furnace, air conditioner or HVAC system?"
    Locate the label on the exterior of the equipment for a manufacture date. Equipment less than five years old may have a warranty, but also may not depending on the make. Warranty terms and conditions vary by manufacturer and the installing company. We can determine the warranty status of your heating and cooling system via System Inspection.
  • Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my home comfort system?
    You probably wouldn't get a brand-new car and plan to never have to put air in the tires, change the oil and check out any unfamiliar noises. Your home comfort system is like your car’s engine, it’s a mechanical device with a motor, electrical components... and even fuel. So it is important to have routine maintenance of your home comfort system by a qualified technician. If not maintained properly and routinely, even the best heating and air conditioning equipment could cause problems and become less 'fuel' efficient over time.
  • Can indoor air be hazardous to your health?
    Absolutely. Exposure to air pollutants can be up to 100 times higher indoors than outdoors. The American Lung Association estimates that most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, making indoor air quality (IAQ) a critical component of home comfort. Many common household items contribute to poor indoor air quality. Compounds found in carpeting, furniture, upholstery and drapery fabric constantly emit fumes. Other sources of pollutants can include cleaning agents, paints and personal care products. The tight construction of today's homes also contributes significantly to poor IAQ. Things like weather stripping and storm doors are designed to save on energy costs. However, they also prevent proper ventilation by keeping indoor air in and outdoor air out. The result can be a buildup of contaminants within the home. Poor IAQ can be a direct or indirect cause of several health problems. Medical groups report that as many as half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution. Pollutants within the home can cause homeowners to suffer from flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation. Additionally, two existing health problems that can be helped by improving indoor air quality are allergies and asthma. By removing airborne dust particles, the amount of exposure the respiratory system has to them is reduced. Proper ventilation also plays an important role in improving indoor air quality, helping to reduce the concentration of pollutants inside the home.
  • How can I eliminate indoor odors?
    You may have tried to cover up indoor odors by spraying air fresheners or lighting candles. Unfortunately, these tactics only mask the odors, they don't get rid of them. These remedies may in fact negatively affect indoor air quality from chemicals that cause allergic reactions or eye irritation for homeowners. Bacteria, dust mites, animal dander, cat saliva and mold may also be roots of your home's odor problem. One method to purify the air is installing germicidal (UV) lights in your home, which helps kill odors and inhibit the growth of biological contaminants, sterilizing surfaces in the HVAC system. They also purify the air, preventing the growth of contaminants. The UV lights are installed to work with your home comfort system. Sometimes poor ventilation contributes to unpleasant odors. Moisture condensation on walls windows and stuffy air are signs of poor ventilation. A qualified COLHVAC technician can inspect your home comfort system to determine if this is indeed the problem. The technician can also inform you how to improve the ventilation system’s ability to properly circulate and ventilate indoor air.
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