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Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation in Calgary

The world is changing. Natural gas is being phased out, and electric heat is just not practical or cost effective. Heat pumps can reduce the cost to heat your home or office and are up to 300% more efficient than either radiator heat or forced air furnaces. They provide very cost effective heating AND cooling in one device and are perfect for our climate here in Calgary, Alberta.


Our company has years of experience in ductless mini splits, ducted splits and multiplex systems. From sales and installation to long term maintenance and service, we've got you covered. Not sure what you need? We're a local Calgary contractor, and our experts will analyze your space and take all the measurements necessary to help you make an informed decision. Let us tell you about the benefits of heat pumps to your home, your wallet, and your environment.

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Why Get a Heat Pump?

  • They are cheaper to run than a furnace, oil and gas burner. They operate with a DC inverter, switching the electrical current from AC to DC, and consuming less energy.

  • They can provide up to 300% efficiency. For example if you use electric heat, you receive 1 unit of heat for 1 unit of electricity, giving you 100% efficiency. Since the electricity is used to energize the compressor and fans and not directly producing heat, it has the ability to give you a 3:1 efficiency rating.

  • Units are equipped with variable speed motors. Instead of using all the energy being supplied to the units, it understands the amount of work required to bring your house to its set point. It will modulate to only use a % of the motors capacity to prevent on/off cycling, provide load matching and low amp gradual compressor start ups. Ultimately saving you money on energy and compressor life.

  • How much can you expect your electricity bill to go up? This depends on the size of your house. If youre using electric baseboard heat, you will likely see a drop in your power bill. If you’re using an oil burner for heating you will likely see a $50-$100 jump, however you will not be using anymore oil. Likewise if you’re using a furnace now, you will see a $10-$50 increase in your electricity, but you will not be using any more natural gas.

  • Another great aspect of the heat pump is that it doubles as an air conditioner! One system provides both heating and cooling.

  • There is less maintenance and upkeep required for a heat pump vs. natural gas furnaces and oil burners.

  • Last but not least, heat pumps are very eco-friendly. The SEER ratings are constantly improving and without combustion air you are eliminating carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

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